You can wander around İstanbul. Just download Piri application and choose one of the premium İstanbul tours which is free for BiTaksi users!

  • Free tours are in usage for BiTaksi users between May 31- June 09 2019.
  • BiTaksi users can listen one of these three tours: “Kapalıçarşı: The oldest shopping center”, “The Old Peninsula: West’s Ceaser, East’s Sultan” or “Bosphorus: The way going to the heart of İstanbul”.
  • You can enjoy the premium tours free at Piri application by using the “BAYRAMDAKESFET” code.
  • Campaign code can be used just for one tour.
  • After usage of campaign code, you can listen the same tour again at Piri.
  • For download Piri application:  Piri
  • Piri and BiTaksi reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of the campaign.