What is BiTaksiPOS?

What is BiTaksiPOS?

BiTaksiPOS is a BiTaksi payment service that provides secure and fast payment with contactless card without the need for cash for taxi journeys.

How it works?

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I become a member of BiTaksiPOS?

Register BiTaksi Driver Application. Request BiTaksiPOS membership from the driver application, the website, Ataşehir and Şişli offices or by calling your sales represantative. Our team members will guide you and start the easy registration process.

How can I use BiTaksiPOS?

Download BiTaksiPOS application from the Play Store for free. Confirm the contract via BiTaksi Driver Application. Make sure the POS feature is activated by our sales team. Start using BiTaksiPOS icon on the main page of your Driver Application.

On which phones can BiTaksiPOS be used?

It can be used Android phones with NFC feature.

It can be used Android phones with NFC feature.


How are my trip fees paid?

It will be paid to your existing Ininal or Garanti accounts twice a day at 03:00 and 15:00.

How will I track my earnings?

You can track your earnings on the "BiTaksiPOS Kazancım" screen in the application.

How will I take the end of the day report?

You do not need to take it at the end of the day. Your payments will be paid to your account twice a day.

Which cards are valid?

All contactless credit and debit cards with Mastercard, Visa and Troy logo are accepted.

Are foreign cards valid?


What should I do when the passenger requests the transaction slip?

After the payment process is over, your passenger has to scan the QR that appears by clicking the "Yolcu Slip'i" button. After the passenger scanning the QR, your passenger will be able to access the slip on his/her own phone.

How can I cancel the transaction if I take the wrong amount from the passenger?

You can cancel the transaction on the same day from the "BiTaksiPOS Kazancım" screen while your passenger is in the vehicle.

What is the maximum one-time payment limit?

500 TL

Is Istanbulkart valid?


Can I use BiTaksiPOS when my BiTaksi membership is cancelled?